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My name is Tony Hernandez Pumarejo. I am a person diagnosed with Autism (Asperger’s Syndrome). But, more important, I am an advocate for people with Autism, other disabilities and different challenges in life from around the World…

(ESPAÑOL) Mi nombre es Tony Hernandez Pumarejo. Soy una persona diagnosticado con Autismo (Sindrome de Asperger). Pero mas importante, soy un defensor de los derechos de vida de personas autistas, otras discapacidades y retos de vida alrededor del Mundo….

I am a…

TV Collaborator

I have my segment called “Tu Proposito” at the tv program Despierta Orlando. It is shown every Thursday at 6:00 am through Univision Orlando.

Motivational Speaker

I do speaking presentations on the topics of autism, disability rights, career, employment, skills development, neurodiversity, bullying, mental health, motivational speaking and many other topics.

Bilingual Autistic Advocate

My main job as an advocate is to defend and advocate for people that are diagnosed with Autism and also, other disabilities from around the World to achieve their purpose in life.


I am also a writer and the author of the book called An Autism Unscripted Life (“Una Vida Autista Sin Libreto” in Spanish), which talks about my life with Autism from childhood to adulthood.


Yo soy un…

Colaborador de television

Tengo un segmento en television llamado “Tu Proposito” en el programa Despierta Orlando.

Orador motivacional

Yo hago presentaciones en los temas de autismo, derechos de vida para personas con condiciones especiales, empleo, desarrollo de destrezas de vida, neurodiversidad, acoso, salud mental, motivacion y entre otros temas.

Defensor Autista Bilingue

Mi trabajo como defensor es defender y abogar por las personas diagnosticas con Autismo y también, otras discapacidades de alrededor del Mundo para cumplir su propósito de vida.


Soy escritor y autor del libro Una Vida Autista Sin Libreto (“An Autism Unscripted Life” en ingles), la cual habla sobre mi vida con Autism desde mi niñez hasta la adultez.

A little bit of my story


  • Non verbal till age 4
  • Verbal impairment issues
  • Struggles with social communication
  • Difficulty in building relationships and connections with other people
  • Challenges with short term working memory
  • Social anxiety
  • Depression


  • Wrote my first ever book called An Autism Unscripted Life on November 2018.
  • Translated my book to Spanish and released it as “Una Vida Autista Sin Libreto” on May 2019.
  • Work as TV collaborator with Despierta Orlando
  • Gained full time employment working as a retail customer service and sales manager.
  • Done crucial work in the Autism community as an advocate since 2014.
  • Board member at the Autism Society of Greater Orlando from 2015 to 2017.
  • Fundraising coordinator with ASD Adult Achievement Center from 2017 to 2018.
  • Graduated from Seminole State College of Florida with my bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Management. Received Magna Cum Laude honors (3.7 GPA) in December 2016.
  • Recognized by Seminole State College president Dr.Ann McGee as a person with ASD graduating from college.
  • Served as leader for Capstone team that worked with City of Sanford, Florida for the Uber Pilot Project in 2016.
  • Travel
  • And much more….

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